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Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-02-15 10:00:03
I want to make the homepage of the theme as portfolio. I just want to add youtube videos to the theme but not in blog style, but in portfolio style.


No zoom effect. No hover effect. Infact no effect at all. Just simple display of videos side by side.

How can I do that?

Thanks a lot in advance for the reply.

You need to set different type of your home page. You may do this on page Settings --> Reading. Then specify which page will be used as home for your website.

This is a default WordPress setting.
Okay. I have made a page named "Home" and made that as homepage. Now i have 2 questions.

1. How can I add the slider to that page?
2. How can I make that page as portfolio page? i.e. adding youtube videos side-by-side. And when there are a lot of videos on the page, how can I make them go on 2nd page?

Basically I want to create a page which shows thumbnail of videos. I keep adding the videos to the page (From Youtube) and when certain number of videos reaches, it shall automatically shows the option of next on bottom. How can I do that?

1) Slider can be turned on on Home page and on inner pages. Thus you can't enable it only on one page. Only if this page is your home page. This trigger is located on page Theme Settings --> Slider in the dashboard of your website.

2) You may find an apropriate plugin for this purpose or just add videos next to each other. Besides, you may use Columns shortcode to create as much colums as you need and insert videos there.

Our theme doesn't provide an ability to load content of a particular single page dynamically. But you may create a paged post - then there will be a numeric pagination on your page and content of it will be displayed similar way. Read the tutorial about "paged posts" here:

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