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Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-08-23 07:59:22

I have been having an issue with my galleries on your theme. When I add a single gallery to the site, it leaves a huge blank area at the top of that page, which I cannot get rid of no matter what code I add to the site. You can see what I mean here:

When I add multiple galleries to a single page, for some reason it duplicates the post. So on one page I will have the same content showing twice (for instance: header, text, gallery1 images, gallery 2 images, gallery 3 images, hr, then header, text, gallery1 images, gallery 2 images, gallery 3 images). I had to remove this from the site, because it just looked horrible, so I don't have an example to show you.

Please advise if there is code or something that I can add to the site to improve the look of a single gallery or to fix the issue of the duplication for pages with multiple galleries.

That is caused by your gallery plugin. You have to change the code:
.gllr_image_row {

in the file stylesheet.css. This code should be removed:
clear: both;
I don't know where it is located. It is the file of your plugin.

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