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Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-09-13 04:22:51
I haven't removed the footer from my page and yet I keep getting the red bar on the bottom of my website telling me to:

Please return following links to the footer:
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This pops up on and off, like sometimes it recognizes it is there and sometimes it does not.

Could you give us the URL of your website, please.

But you did remove the sponsored footer links which must be there. This is the only condition which you have to follow to continue using the theme for free. If you want to delete those links you have to purchase the theme license and delete them with the use of activation key provided by our company. It will be generated specially for your domain.
I did not remove the footer links, there are still there, here's a screenshot:

And I've clicked on each link, they all link properly.
Image didn't post properly, here's the link:

Currenty, I see the footer links and the red warning bar is gone. Do you still have any problem with the theme?
Not at the moment, I haven't seen the issue since I posted my response. Will update if it happens again. The issue was, I never touched the footer, the red bar was just popping up at random even though the links were never removed.
Keep eye on plugins you are using. Some plugins modify html of the page and may edit footer html text as well or just widget. One missed closing html tag may cause this problem.

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