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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-10-20 03:25:30
sorry for my English :-)

How and where can I change the hover color from the menu at the FootballNet Theme?
Currently, the color green, I would like to change this? ...

I actually have the same question. Green is nice, but it so does not match the colors of our team. How to change that? Looked in the style.css, but could not find the right part to change it.
I managed to customize te rest of the theme just fine, it is all orange/black/white now except for the hover function.
I use this theme with the sportpress plugin.
Hope someone can send me in the right direction.
There are several css files: style.css located in the directory of the theme and the others inside /css folder. Inspecting the page you will be able to determine the line and the file you have to edit. We don't provide such kind of services.

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