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Latest Reply from T.Josefsson at 2013-05-28 16:49:45
I recently noticed a problem with the "Back" button that didn't work as it should with FilmPlus.

Now I read the changelog and it seems that this problem should have been solved in the version 2.0.1. Also there are some other bugs changed and the recent version should be 2.0.2. Correct?

Ok, but I have downloaded the LATEST (i think?) version from your homepage. But in wordpress it still says version 2.0 (however it could be wordpress thats only shows the two first numbers in version?). But I cant find ANYWHERE that says it is version 2.0.2. So I actually dont know what version I have. Where can I find this?

But anyway, I still do have this BACK button problem. So any help would be very appreciated!

Best regards.
// T. Josefsson
Ok, theme style.css says following:
Theme Name: FilmPlus
Theme URI:
Author: The Smart Magazine Themes
Author URI:
Description: Template by
Version: 2.0
License: Creative Commons 3.0
Theme date: 05/13/2013

So I guess its the latest version because 2.0.2 was released 13/9 2012.

But I still have this problem with BACK button!

Any moderators here that could answer my question what to do??
I have had the same issue. I fixed it by turning off "Load Content Dynamically".
Thank you Sparrow!!

I actually emailed smthemes and got the same answer today, so now it works just fine! :)

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