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We're still trialing with the SweetHome theme. We're almost there. We want to use featured images for our posts (this can be team photo's with club members on there).

What we want is that the featured is clickable and opens the article with an enlarged image. Is this possible to achieve (maybe with a code modification).



Can you provide me with an answer?


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You can set featured image and specify the image title as a link,e.g. <a href="http://yourdomain">Dog</a>.
Hi Alice,

I might be doing something wrong but that doesn't seem to work. When I add the featured image with a link title <a href="http://yourdomain">Dog</a> it does not show different behaviour. When I click the image it just opens that contains the featured image.

When I put the link in the description of the image I cannot click it as well.

Hope you can help.

Thanks, Mark
Please, try to disable "Load Content Dynamically" on page Theme Settings --> Layout.
It is already disabled in our setup.
Please, give us the URL of your site.
it's http://ttvm.markbrilman.nl
Hi Dave,

Did you have a look at the site? I can provide you with login data if helpful.

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As I can see the featured images on the website http://ttvm.markbrilman.nl are linked to the posts.
===, unfortunately, we don't provide such kind of services.

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