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Latest Reply from Tommek at 2014-02-21 07:58:28
Hello there,
I try to use the olympic theme for our Sports Webpage.
It looks realy nice but there are some Problems.

I installed "Google Routeplaner" to involve it into the Site.

The view on the Map is incomplete!
The A B Flags and the blue line is not visible in Olympic Theme.

Olympic Theme:

Twenty Fourteen:

The developer of this plugin says in the Errorsite, if there is a problem with the view on the map, look at the css-file of the template.

I don´t know much about css and I won´t destroy my settings, so please check the css please.

There are display Errors while using "NextGen Galley" but I will post this in another Topic.

Thank you for help.

Greetings from Germany

Hello ????

Why dont´t anyone response to my topic??

I noticed the problem by display a PDF in a Lightbox too.

I think the problem is global in this template.

Can anyone please give me a response????

I have only a few days to relaunch the site with the template, but it have to work!!!

Or is it better to search another template from another company???

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried Google Routeplaner plugin with OlympicGames and it works fine. Please check that your theme is OlympicGames. And could you give an URL of your website, it will help to solve the problem?
Thank you Matt.
I will contact you in march again if the problem then exist.
The site is at the moment not public.

P.S.: I don´t understand the navigation of this support forum.
I only find my Post by using a bookmark. :-?
Hey Matt,
I have just notice that this is the wrong Template!

Not Olymic Games it is Olympic Press.

I will post my already existing problem right now there!

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