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Latest Reply from Maria Nehro at 2016-02-26 14:49:55
Quite a long time ago I received help from you to disable mobile and tablet view in the Karolina theme. But I must admit I´ve changed my mind and would love to enable it again, and make my site theme responsive! But how can I do that, I really need help!

In the forum I find an instruction about how to disable it, but I can´t follow it "in the opposite direction" because for example if I want do Disable it I need to find and delete specific lines in the code, and once they are deleted I have no idea any longer where to replace them!!

Is it possible to receive an instruction to enable the mobile and tablet view again? Or how can I reload the originally theme, to get the proper code?

Which version of the theme are you using now?
Karolina 2.0 (on three different websites).
Ah, actually this version of the theme is quite old. It is hardly possible to help you roll back your changes. You would better download the latest version and intall it.
OK, thank you very much for your information, no problem at all!

I just have one question: I use the extended version of Karolina 2.0, which I payed for. I use it on 3 websites (or rather 2, but one of them is bilingual). Do I have to pay for it again, when I download the new extended version? I just want to know before I do it, so I don´t pay for it unnecessarily.

If you have already paid for the Developer license for this theme you don't have to purchase the theme again. This license allow you to use it for unlimited time with unlimited number of domains (no matter whether this domain belongs to you or to your client)
Last time I bought the Standard licence, including Theme Updates
and Usage on multiple domains. But when I now log in and click the button to download the latest version I have to pay $28.95 again, if I want to continue to use the standard licence?

As I can see the license is there. It can't be removed. See the screenshot. Perhaps, you have several accounts and logged into another one.
Aha, thank you very much, now I found it, and downloaded it! But one last question, if you don´t mind:

How can I repplace it? Because when I try to upload the zip file in WordPress, to swap them, I don´t succeed, because the files already exist? I also tried to change name on the new zip file, but still i got the same message, that it already exists. Do I have to delete the old version completely Before I upload the new one? It feels very scary, because if I don´t succeed after that, I don´t have any Karolina theme at all...

You don't have to download this archive if you have already installed the theme. "PLEASE READ THIS!" paragraph says what you need to do to activate the theme. Please, read it :)
Thank you very much, I will try this as soon as possible! I´m sorry I didn´t understand from the very beginning, I thought I had to do like I do with other (new) themes, since I didn´t get any notification in WP there was a new Karoline version available.

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