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i would like to ask you about editing the tamplate Jelly Bean.

1. In general settings I have not chosen logo, but I chose "custom text". Where can I find the possibility to enlarge the font and move it to the left?

2. I would like to eliminate the post displaying the following information: "Posted in", "Comments" and the date of contribution. Please where can I find this setting?

3. I would like to remove the footer from the "Calendar" + "Tags" + "Social Profiles". In the settings widgtes are the field "Footer 1, 2, 3" blank.

Thank you very much for the advice.

1)You need to add the following code to the file style.css:
.site_ttl {
color: #YourColor;
font-size: *px;
margin-left: *px;

2)To edit this data you have to use the tab ThemeSettings --> Translation -->Custom Text/Custom Template text. Just clear the fields you want.
3)To get rid of footer you have to turn off "Show footer widgets" on page Theme Settings --> Layout in the dashboard.
I would like to thank you for your willingness and advice!

Item 3 is complete.

1) I can not find the mentioned text. Please you can see in the attachment.

2) In the attachment you can see, what I mean as the display text before category and you can see what I have setup.

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, the files were not attached.

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