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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-10-27 02:13:29

Template - SunnyBeach

On many other templates, you have the ability to click on an image that you inserted into a post (on the visual tab) to edit it and it provides advanced options to add padding/margins.

The SunnyBeach theme allows you to edit the image, but it doesn't include the ability to edit the margins/padding of the image. Is there a way to have this included? Almost every other template I've used allows you to edit image spacing when clicking on edit.

If this functionally can't be added, is there a recommended plug-in that can accomplish this?

*The client does not want to have to code each individual image.

*I understand their is a CSS class feature, but that padding may not be the same of course across all images they post.

Thanks for help.
Sounds strange. Try to find the Advanced options after pressing the Edit button.

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