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Latest Reply from jeff r at 2014-02-03 13:36:29
I purchased the Soundess theme and have discovered that the dynamic content loader feature is not working for mobile. When dynamic content loading is enabled and screen res is within the mobile values (<639px) navigating to another page does not scroll the page up to the page heading as it should. However this works fine on tablets and desktops. Thoughts?
Could you give us the URL of yoru website, please.
You will not see the problem in my website because I have removed the mobile dropdown menu (by commenting out the smt_mobile_menu php function) and instead have reverted to a standard list menu with "a" tags in order to make the scrollTo feature work. However you can see the problem by going to your demo at http://smthemes.com/demo/soundess/ and making your browser narrow (less than 639px wide) so that the mobile menus are displayed.

I believe the problem is that hashchange.js (where the JQuery scrollTo function exists) is not being called from the mobile dropdown menu because the mobile menu uses a select tag and the .live('click' function in hashchange.js is only called when the event is on an "a" tag.

Thanks for looking into this.
Just to clarify, here is a more detailed description of the problem:

When clicking on an option in the mobile menu, the new page content displays but does not scroll to the content heading. For example:

- goto http://smthemes.com/demo/soundess/

- Make the browser narrow so that the mobile menu is displayed (<639 px)

- In the main mobile menu, click on the "Business" option

- Notice that the Business page displays, but it does not scroll up to the content heading

- Now make the browser wider (>640px) so that the tablet style is applied

- Select Home

- Notice the content does scroll up to the top of the content div

So scrollTo works for desktop and tablet styles, but not for mobile.

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