Drop Downs and Slider Not Working - Sport Theme

Latest Reply from AGG at 2013-10-30 09:48:45
This is actually for theme SPORT but I couldn't find it in the drop down list.

Two days ago my Drop Down's and Slider suddenly stopped working.

I have disabled all plugin's, cleared cache and reloaded the site and they still aren't working.

You can still click on the top level menu but none of the drop downs appear on scroll over, on the slider only the first slider shows and it just stays there.

It isn't a plugin, I've read it might be somethign with Jquery but no idea how to fix that or if the theme needs to be edited to fix that.

Ideas, please help? I was goign to purchase the theme but not going to purchase it and will keep using free version till I figure this out, but the theme is perfect for what I need.



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