Dropdown Menu returns and loads RSS Feed or XML Page

Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-01-19 07:47:10
My site, radiocasbah.com has an issue I need some help with please. Each time anyone goes to the Media Menu at the top and clicks on Programs>The Fevered Brain or the one below it, RadioMike Interview the page that loads is not the post page where the show notes or a podcast player are. Instead clicking on each menu item transfers me to an RSS Feed page or an XML coded page. I have tried everything to fix this including changing the category menu name.

Both urls are different from the actual podcast feed so I am not sure why this is happening.

Can you please help?

The links are fully OK. Probably, some of your plugins handle request of this page http://radiocasbah.com/category/media/podcasts/the-fevered-brain/. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly how it happens,but you may detect the problem by disabling your plugins one by one.

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