Dropdown menu items showing BEHIND the slider images

Latest Reply from werbemaxe at 2013-01-26 10:42:33 Solution
The dropdown menu items are showing behind the slider image. This is a problem! How can I fix it?? I tried adding

#header .container {

but that didn't work...
please help! thx.
Anyone? this is really a big problem as I see it... there has to be a way to fix it, please?
yay! SMThemes gave me the solution by email:
open the file "syle.css" and change value of the following item:


It worked. Phew!
I did not have this "z-index:" in my mainmenu-container, but I added it and it worked. However.. it works ONLY for the home page. When I go to inner pages, it does NOT work!! WHERE else do I have to add this so that it works??
I have the SunnyBeach theme.

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