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Latest Reply from Luca2610 at 2014-10-28 15:15:06 Solution
Hello, my name is Luca.

I found out an issue with MetroBlog 2.2 and my wordpress website: www.promotionalab.com

As you can see, the dropdown menu works fine with Chrome Browser, but doesn't work with Firefox.

I've already updated browsers and plugins, java and flash player.
I've also reinstalled the theme and tried to fix the issue rewriting the css folder and style css file with the original one.

I also tried turning off all the plugins, without good result.

Could someone help me to fix that?

thanks a lot for your support.

Best Regards
Hi, I found out the solution.

I don't know why, but if you use Firefox, for checking your last modifies, you have to deactivate and re-activate the theme, and you'll see the modifies that you've just applied.

Best Regards

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