Disbale Mobile and Tablet view in Karolina Theme

Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-10-20 03:42:25

I would like to disable the mobile and Tablet views so my website looks the same way on all the devices.

the reason is that I want all my advertising to show on all the devices.

Can you give me some simple instructions, as i tried following others on the forum, but they do not relate to my template.

Please, use the following instruction to disable the responsive design:
I cant find the code you indicated for the header.php file and as well I dont understand the instructions for the style.css. It does not make sense?

Do these instructions apply for the Karolina theme?

I need to remove this option as the site does not look good in mobile and tablet mode when adverts are added.
Those instructions works for all the themes. However, if the version of the theme you use is less than 2.1 you have to edit the file top.php instead of header.php. But the changes that had to be made are completely the same.

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