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Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-05-10 05:35:19

we use the 24soccer theme for out website: http://www.schoolkorfbal.info/

We have some problems with the menu items. If there are to much menu items , the items will disappear. for example take a look at the "Groep 5 " menu item on the page.

I have tried to give the LI items in the menu a z-index of 9999 but that didn't help.

Hope you can help me.




Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We have fixed the problem in the theme, you may download the updated version of the theme from our website. If you used a child-theme to make changes you need to replace just header.php and style.css file.

I'm getting this with MusicSpace theme, download again and yet will happens.

I've checked the MusicSpace theme and didn't get the same problem. Could you send me a screenshot or give the URL of your website, please.

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