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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-04-16 08:07:46
Is there any way to disable top menu? I don't need it, assign empty menu in Apperance -> Menu to top menu position but submenu items from main menu display "under" the top menu and links doesn't work.

Any help?
By default, there are two menus always visible on your screen, the "Main" menu and the "Top" menu. To customize any of them you have to go to the page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu. Here are the intelligible instructions:
Removing the menus has been already discussed on our forum:
http://smthemes.com/support/topic/howcaniremovesearchboxmenusliderfacebookwidgetetc/#post-2326 (secondary)
http://smthemes.com/support/topic/removecategorybar/#post-1217 (main menu)

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