Disable Tablet View in HellFire theme

Latest Reply from melonso at 2013-01-25 06:30:41
How can I disable the site from changing when a browser is re sized?

I'm not sure why this is even an option...... I get it's for mobile devices.... but this should never effect the site when you are viewing via a web browser...

I forget the exact px but

250-640 = mobile
641-1023 = tablet
1024 = wide

Is there a way to just disable all the mobile options????
I was trying in the css and the library.php...

I'm not a web guy and I'm stumped...

All i want is stopping the site from changing when the browser is re-sized...

I have same problem with SuperCars theme
and i want to know why my slider didnt show in my android borowser :(
( i disable mobile version in top.php)

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