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Latest Reply from Stefan Arendt at 2013-02-08 18:29:10
Hey there,

I bought the theme "Suits" which matches just perfectly to what I want to present on the website. Great Job on that theme!

But...just a little but hopefully, I really have some troubles how the theme is being displayed in different browsers.

It works perfectly with Mozilla Firefox but it's missing a lot in Internet Explorer and the menu is pretty much farked in Opera.

Here's the link:


What do I have to do that it is going to look the same in IE and Opera as it does look in Firefox?

Thanks in advance!


Did you fix the problem? I have tha same, it works well in IE and Chrome, but NOT in Firefox...
Html for this theme was fixed. Could you give us more information what exactly does not works in Firefox?
For me it is vice versa. Appearance in Firefox is how it is supposed to be but appearance in IE and Opera is way different.

In Opera the top menu is not shown as top menu but as menu 2.
In IE the background colour of the slider container is not displayed. The background colour of the footer missing as well.

You can have a look here:


Thanks in advance

Any progress here?

Well, no longer help needed. Customer went to a different provider...


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