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Latest Reply from Administrator at 2013-01-14 04:31:01
Hi I want to change the sidebar background of the DiableFun theme. I managed to change the sidebar width but not the background. If someone can help me i would appreciate it. ATM it is like this http://www.helborn.org/. which makes it wierd and i dont want that.
Can someone please help me? ive tried changing the images in the content folder but nothing happens. if i change the css it will only change the sidebar but not background. i changed it back how it originally was. I want to put the music player of i have at the bottom of the website to the top right of the sidebar. someone please help. ive looked everyone but cant figure it out.
For layout with left and right sidebar you have to edit images content/main-lr.png, content/top-lr.png, content/bottom-lr.png. If you don't see changes, probably, you browser saved old images in the cache. Try to reload page using CTRL+F5.

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