Desktop menu stops working

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-05-14 04:31:07
Suddenly menu on desktop stops showing subcategory ( It still works fine in mobile) Can you check this issue?
Here is my website

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).cycle is not a function
fx: 'fade',
timeout: 3000,
delay: 0,
speed: 1000,
next: '.fp-next',
prev: '.fp-prev',
pager: '.fp-pager',
continuous: 0,
sync: 1,
pause: 1000,
pauseOnPagerHover: 1,
cleartype: true,
cleartypeNoBg: true
I've tested your website and it works properly. I haven't detected this error.
Have you solved this problem?
No, in fact, this error only happens on some computers not all. Detailed information you can see above picutre.
More detail, this error happens on my computer Chrome and IE only (Firefox is fine)
I've tested your website in different browsers, for example Chrome:
You may see that there is no such error. Try to refresh your page with Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache. Perhaps, it shows old data.

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