Dental theme activation

Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-06-24 03:06:58
When I try to activate the dental theme, I get the error below.

Activation Error.
Error code - #5123: You are using theme �uS�t�Yt��#dB��9UDN�<�~�E�e�/�rF3P�]d���SEJ�*A��G9�;_+���d���5E�r����.�p@��z�0ļ=���e� �\т����|h�<����.����ɆzB�*�2,$��M�8�M�=��.L���-W����D1 ���_�N�tm��MB�I�P&e��IQ|�z/޳�#��uBOs����K�q�JΪ�nR�-X��Kq��(�ƋZc?U���Yx5��ҫ����M�C1�, but trying to activate it with key for different theme (Dental).

If you are sure that is not the problem, please contact with us via to fix it


How can activate the theme? I bought a "valid" key, but it fails

We have replied you by email. Please, check your mail box.

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