Dental Slider doesnt work

Latest Reply from Sparrow at 2013-05-28 05:49:08
Dear Sirs,

i just installed from scratch wordpress 3.5.1 ( with your dental theme without plugins or other theme and just noticed that slider is not sliding.

I'm trying to test your theme befor installing and purchasing it for a possible customer, can you please help me about it?

Can you also notice me wich image galleries are compatible with your theme?

thank you

Daniele Ricciardi
There are tablet and phone modes of theme. They don't have slider. The appearance of your site depends on the size of your device. Please, give the URL of your web site.

The problem is present browsing the site from a MAC and a PC with Chrome and Firefox

thank you

Oh, now it works!
I can assure that with a MAC and safari/chrome/firefox and on a Windows PC with Explorer/Chrome/Firefox is still not working.

Only the first slider is displayed (5 are configured by default) and there is no way to scroll between them

As I can see, there are 5 default slides on your site. It works fine in Chrome, Firefox and in IE. The tablet mode of theme doesn't have a slider. Probaly, you see this mode...

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