Demo and Actual Theme Dont Look the same

Latest Reply from abe_charles at 2013-10-02 21:19:02
I have a theme, "Carsworld" several themes in fact from, this website has misleading imagery to display what many of its themes can do. I want to have, on my blog, the ability to have the posts featured on the main page with a small pic on one side of a rectangular box and text across from it on the other. A featured post with a featured image and summarized text. I don't know why I can't customize or why it doesn't look the way it does on the page and the previews. I don't know how to customize it or if I need a plugin which I think I don't. Please someone show me how to get it like what i have in the attached image which the problem is highlighted in a black outline. Follow that and you'll see what I mean. I want it the way it looks in the demo/preview. Simply put, I want it to look like this . I want you to see this pic and you'll know what I mean . Now it has the image at the top and text below it, not shrunk any at all, just regular size. Please someone explain step by step what to do. I really will appreciate it.

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