Dates not appearing

Latest Reply from Bryan Long at 2014-12-26 18:37:27 Solution
On my home page,, i have 2 posts. The date is not being shown. Please help.


There is the code:
//Post meta (comments, date, categories)
if (!is_page()) {?><p style='width:<?php echo $SMTheme->get( 'layout', 'imgwidth' ); ?>px' class='post-meta <?php echo $SMTheme->get( 'layout','imgpos' ); ?>'>

<span class='post-date'><?php echo get_the_date(); ?></span>

in the theloop.php file located inside the theme directory on your server. Have you changed this file?
This code exists on my site. I even replaced "theloop.php" with the original from the template and still no date/categories display. Is there anything else that could be affecting this behavior?


To fix this you would better download the updated version of the theme and replace theloop.php located inside the theme directory. Thanks for letting us know about this problem.
Thanks Dave. That worked like a charm. Kudos to the support response speed! I definitely appreciate it.

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