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Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-10-01 04:07:16
Hi everybody,
First - very nice work!
Second - I have a question for custom slider options.
Where I can rearrange the order of slides added?


Lukasz Wilkowski - food for real man :)
Hi! To rearrange slides, you have to edit slides on page Kitchener->slider in you dashboard.
ok but this menu i very simple.
Suppose I have 3 slides like:
- sl1 (first position)
- sl2 (second position)
- sl3 (third position)

They are already active in the website. I want to move the slide "sl1" to third place, "drag and drop" option does work.
Every additional added slide is shown at the end of the carousel.

The only thing I've found is to delete slides and re-add in the order you'd like. Not particularly convenient, but not difficult.
yes - delete slides and re-add is not difficult but this is uncomfortable. If You have 2 slides - makes no difference, but if You have 20 slides?
Is there a chance to do the update of this theme is of such a function?
Hello, it can be done in the database.
Select the table wp_options, look for a record named 'slider' ('option name' column contains this text). Here the 'option value' tells to WP which image should use for each slide, what to do with a click etc. Seems quite tricky how to change it for your needs, but if you copy it to an appropriate text editor (Notepad++), you will easily see the pattern: look for sections starting with 'i:1;a:4:{.....'. Each of this sections contains the parameters of one single slide. The 'i' is usually incremented, but actually not the 'i' parameter tells the sequence but the absolute position itself.

So to change the slide sequence, cut the section you want (exactly): 'i:?;a:4{....................}' and move it (paste) to any other place you want. The 'i' is not needed to change. Refresh your page and you are done.

Contact form details work the same way, even easier.

This is something that needs addressing - You shouldnt have to mess around to change a slide order, can you fix this please, also tell us when a fix is coming? when?
It has been 2 years since the last post. Can you reorder slides without deleting and adding? And without getting into the database?
Unfortunately, this option hasn't been added yet.

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