CSS Conflict with radio buttons

Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-07-03 04:54:56
This line in the main.css of the WayIt theme:

.icon {font-family: 'FontAwesome';}
* { -webkit-appearance: none; }

Is turning off all may radio buttons that are found in the plugin Visual Form Builder that I am using. They told me it's a theme problem, please don't tell me it's a plugin problem. What is that line doing and how can I turn it off?
Our theme using FontAwesome, which is called once an element has "icon" class.
FontAwesome is an amazing way to display icons with seconds, our themes use it for example for contact page. http://fontawesome.io/

I can't guess how it may conflict with radio input fields of this plugin. However, if you don't need FontAwesome on your site just comment these lines in main.css file of the theme which is located inside the wayit/styles/ folder.
So I went into the main.css and just commented out the line * { -webkit-appearance: none; } Will that break something else or anything?
I'm not sure. You would better test your site on your own. Besides, -webkit prefix mean that you have just switched off some style for Chrome. So I'm almost sure that won't influence your website so much.

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