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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-02-11 05:04:20

I am a first time user of WordPress. I am using the Dental theme and have created a simple site at Almost everything seems to be working ok with the exception of the contact form. Having filled out the details and pressed "send", I get a "Your message has been successfully sent!" appear but the email does not appear in the receiving in-basket.

Have I missed some configuration options?


Owen Fox

First of all try to check up your spam folder. If there is no messages, your mail server may block messages from your website without any notification. In this case try to specify another email.
Hi Alice,

Thanks for your reply. I had checked the spam folder just in case!. As per your suggestion, I have set my own email address ( into the contact form and yes it worked!.

I then sent an email from my own system to the address that should be used ( and everything was as expected (I have an out-of-office set and the response came back ok). I then cut and pasted the admin email address used above directly in to the contact form and again, even though it said it had sent the email successfully it still does not arrive.

Any ideas?


Owen Fox

FYI - the website is hosted by UK2.NET who also provide the domain management and email management. This means that the email is hosted by the same provider.

Sorry, but we can't help you on this issue. You need to contact your mail service provider or host provider to explain your problem.

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