Contact Form not working - help please!

Latest Reply from Jebu at 2013-01-09 19:37:56

website link above. This is an awesome theme and really enjoying it so far. Only trouble I have run into is getting this here contact form to actually send the information accross to the email.

If I hover over the send button it looks like its just redirecting me back to the homepage?

Things I have tried include:

A number of different email address to send email to..
Restoring back to default contact form and trying again
I have looked for any conflicts in plugins and pretty sure I dont have any.
Also done a good search of this support forum and cant find an answer...

Support is much appreciated!
guys - quick update. tried it in Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 m and it works fine!

Still doesnt work in Internet Explorer

I will upgrade IE now and see if it works in latest version.
Apart from IE10 apparently this is the latest version of IE9. Is there a compatability issue with this theme and IE9?

As noted, it appears to work fine in google chrome so I am guessing its setup fine.
giving up on this tonight so will check back tomorrow. Just tried to send a form with the exact same details on google chrome that worked last time and this time it hasnt worked. So not sure what is going on!

Giving up for now :)

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