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Latest Reply from davidcamp at 2014-10-29 11:41:44 Solution
I have a problem with the contact form on my template Garage.

When I give the submit button. With filled form fields, I return an error message like this:
Field mail: is required
Field mail: is not valid
Field Your message: is required

You can check my website here:

Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad English
Try to delete the code:
jQuery('.feedback input').each(function(){
jQuery(this).attr('name','<?php echo $_SESSION['commentinput']; ?>['+jQuery(this).attr('name')+']');
jQuery('.feedback textarea').each(function(){
jQuery(this).attr('name','<?php echo $_SESSION['commentinput']; ?>['+jQuery(this).attr('name')+']');

from the feedback.php file located in the directory of the theme.

Besides, we strongly recommend that you return the links to the footer while you are using a free version of the theme or stop using it.

Thank you very much the problem has been solved.
Now put the links visible again.

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