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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-06-16 07:59:32
I have purchased the creative theme and I was testing the contact form and it doesn't work. As soon as I press send, comes up that the required fields are empty but they're not, it doesn't matter what I put It does the same. How can this be fixed???
The contact form won't send any email.
The contact form dont send any email.
How can I see if there is an error , is there a log file or something like that?
I am missing something?
Probably, this discussion will be helpful for you:
Hi Alice,
I have checked the discussion that you mentioned and my contact form is not working.
I filled in all the fields and got the following message:
Your message has been successfuly sent!

Obviously, the message has been sent. Did you specify your e-mail on page Creative --> Contact Form? Besides, check your spam folder. Letters can be there.

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