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I have seen several posts and only one response to the concern of the contact form not working. I am using Automob and am having the same problem everyone else has had and that is that the form is not working unless you fill it out twice. The fix shown by the administrator is already done in this theme.

What can I do to fix this? It is a very important part of the blog. I love the theme and have had some problems, but it seems to be working perfectly except the contact form. I would appreciate the help. I want to purchase the form, but can't until this gets a fix.

Please try to add following code to the end of file feedback.php.

jQuery('.feedback input').each(function(){
jQuery(this).attr('name','<?php echo $_SESSION['commentinput']; ?>['+jQuery(this).attr('name')+']');
jQuery('.feedback textarea').each(function(){
jQuery(this).attr('name','<?php echo $_SESSION['commentinput']; ?>['+jQuery(this).attr('name')+']');

This code should be placed before:


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