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Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-04-30 04:16:43
First of all, thank you for a great theme! Now to the problem.

I've done a bit of customizing of the theme (mostly images, font and colors), but have not touched the credit links.

The problem I am having is that the comments are totally not working. When you click "Add Comment" it calls to wp-comments-post.php, but nothing happens and a blank page comes up. There isn't even a link anywhere on my post for people to leave a comment.

Please could you help me? I've been trying solutions for this problem for weeks now, but nothing seems to work.

In case you need to look at my site, the link is:

Thank you so much!
I've tried disabling all my plugins. It didn't fix it.
Very strange behavior. Unfortunately, I can't fix this problem by inspecting the page. I can try to find the reason for this issue only by entering the dashboard of your website. If you let me access your website I would check the theme files and test your website.
Please, contact me via - don't share your data on forum.
Besides, check whether the comments.php file is inside the theme directory - it has to be there.
Thanks, Dave. I just sent you an email. I'm so relieved that after all this futility help is finally on its way.
Sent email with corrected info.
This issue is still not resolved. I am caught in a futile, unending circle between you, the theme designers, and WordPress. Each says it is due to problems in the other and tells me to contact the other, and thus the issue remains and my comments still do not work!!! While I deeply appreciate the help I've received thus far, the problem has not been solved! Have heard nothing back from anyone for over a week. I even gave you guys access to my log-in info to my dashboard and sent appropriate php files. What's up???
Our support team has replied you to email immediatly and we found that your comments doesn't work even with another theme - some basic one. Unfortunately,
in this case we can't help you - if the reason for the problem is not related to the theme we can't help you.

Try to reinstall your WordPress and ask for help some designer.
This issue is not related to our theme.

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