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Latest Reply from Allen Poe at 2014-08-01 16:44:17 Solution
The comment function is broken, not just on this theme, but also on Girls & War Games.

This stinks, because my kids really like these themes. Please advise me how to fix this issue. Thanks.

My son's blog -
Probably, you have to allow the comments for the posts and pages. To fix this you have to use the following instructions:
Wrong. Comments were allowed. The SMThemes are broken.
FWIW - the support from SMThemes is so poor, I switched all three of my kids to a different theme.
Probably, this is caused by the work of your third-party plugins. But now I've tried to add comment and it is waiting for moderation. Obviously, the comments work.
The only reason it allowed you to leave a comment, is because I CHANGED the THEME! Seriously. Did you not notice that the blog you went to was NOT using an SMTheme anymore? Holy cow! Do you even know how to recognize your own product?

And no. It was NOT one of my installed plugins. I disabled all plugins while testing to find the answer. When it was clearly NOT my plugins, or anything I could fix, I gave up and switched themes because support here was taking too long & my kids were impatient to have a blog that worked.
You still use the background from one of our themes. That's why I decided you have changed the code of our theme. Thus I wasn't able to test our theme. Our themes really support comments. To fix the error I had to see our theme in use.
the comments ARE broken with this theme. I have comments enabled, but the image used as the "add comment" button is not linked at all, so there is no way to comment. for reference:

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