comment form return error ERROR please leave a comment

Latest Reply from bumer_v at 2014-01-13 04:25:38
Hello, why when i post some coment on my site, it return error page with text: ERROR: please leave a comment.

What can i do in this case? somebody can help me?

Sometimes my comment appear on post, but not everytime ...
Hi.. have you been have to solve this problem? We are also facing the same issue!
Hi...i also have the problem and i can fix it, support not answering...
to fix the problem with comments and contact form - try deactivate cache plugins or all plugins one by one, refresh your page and then try comment, if the problem is persist, activate the last plugin, and deactivate by one... I solve my problem with "ERROR: please leave a comment" - just deactivate plugin Hyper cache...

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