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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-06-18 07:39:50
Hi team,
Please See

#1) left sidebar is missing on mobile. This holds Tour info and Social Links. This is critical.

#2) On mobile (iPhone) Sometimes weird page cropping when switching between pages. And partial background image showing at top on mobile and flashing in between page changes on desktop, we can't find where this image is placed, maybe in the css at some point? Maybe left over from a previous Theme install? This file name "may" be : /Sky_Lights1-e1432845000732.jpg

Appreciate your taking a quick look. This might be obvious to you.
We are struggling with trying to figure it out.
Also getting weird logo caching issues. Where does the file go when you upload the logo from the Appearance > General area? It does not place in Media area and if the same file already exists in the media area, it will rename the file. there are caching issues that can not be resolved by emptying the browser cache when it come to these logo uploads. Very confusing.
OMG: Logo is gone.
The logo will not update. Cleared browsing cache too. it is reverting back to a previous b=version. What is showing in theAppearance> General logo upload window, as well as the "url" is NOT what is on the site. Why? And where is this phantom Logo coming from?
...As well, the logo is missing in Safari and it had=s some sort of phantom image box above, probably where the text would go if you opted not to have a logo.
Sorry to keep you waiting to answer your message. As I can see your new logo looks good in Safari and all the rest major browsers. Do you still need help with this?

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