Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-12-26 01:46:48
Hello there, I just get this theme and I am totally lost. I need to change the navigation menu with my own words because I need a spanish menu..., I mean, I need to write my own navigation menu. How can I do that?

Also, I would like to know if I can write some things inside the sidebar. How?
Could you clarify the issue about your menu? Do you want to change the code or the titles?
The titles
I mean, I would like to get the navigation menu with links to pages where now is the categories things...and delete the menu that now says sample page... I don't know how to explain this, sorry
I just figured how to change the menu but I still need to know how to add my own things (not widgets) to the sidebar, please
You can add the Text widget and add the code to the text area.
You can add the text widget - name it and add the code you need to the text area.

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