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Before i buy this template i need to be able to do a couple of things please....

The first is to change the colour of the header from but the file permissions will not let me do this...

I also want to change the colour of the widget and post headings as well please.

Secondly, i want to change the background image for a large photo that spreads the entire width if the website and to have it fixed in a central position....

Thirdly i need to change the size of the left hand bar to incorporate images that are 250 x 300 mm in size.....

My theme i used is HEALTHCARE and if you need to have a look at the site it is at

I look forward to your reply....

as you said it's not theme issues. it's your hosting issues. if you have not permissions to edit / change files you should contact with your hosting owner or in your hosting panel, change the file permission to 7 7 5 or 7 7 7 ( read / write / edit / delete ).

Hope work.
Have fun!
Dear Oxcodes,
by defaults themes have no control on the changes to files. if you can't edit your theme at all ( write in your files ), i'm sure it's from your panel and its component. i already had and solved this problem before for someone too.

but if you changed your files like adding code to css files, but no changes affected, maybe your changes ignored by another class or ID. so take a look at your style and codes and see what's going on. or please write your Site URL so i can check what changes affected and what changes has ignored.

Have fun!

I have figured everything out, even added banners to the top and changed the background image as well but i had to make the changes and then add them to the template folder and upload them again....

But the one thing that i am still having trouble with is the width of the right hand side.... How can i make this up to 300px wide please....

My blog is at

Kind Regards,

Oxcodes :)
Sorry Figured it out..... Better to learn how :)

For anyone else looking to do this open your CSS file and locate the WIDGETS AND SLIDER section and then insert the following code above the margin code

(I wanted my width to be 340px so change the width as desired)


So it should look like this....

.content-r .sidebar.right, .content-lr .sidebar.right, .content-r2 .sidebar.left, .content-r2 .sidebar.right {

Hope it helps someone :)
Hello again.

so as you can see, it's your hosting and panel permission problems. if you asking why i can add post , images and ... but can't add/edit files, it's because all your posts and comments and other things, are saved in your WP Database. so you can add so many things and change them, but you can't edit or add new files in WP or directly in your panel. you can test it by adding a new plugin to your WP.

about the changes, with a small search, you can find everything about changing/editing, and you can find your problem's solutions about everything like the things you said above.

your site look like good and have a good looking. it's good you are self-teaching about your problems.

Hope everything get better for you,
Have fun!

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