Carmag 24 upgrade put site down

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-05-05 04:56:01
I just upgraded to Carmag 2.4 and my site is blank. I used the activation key, but still nothing.

I'm wondering why WordPress didn't notify me when the 2.4 version was available so I could upgrade normally.

I need help. I paid for standard version 2.2 last year and just upgraded, now this happens. Please help me quickly!
The problem seems to be with the child theme. When I try to activate the Carmag child theme, it puts the site down. I don't understand...

I need help fast!
Now I have a top menu overlaying menu text in my header area!
I've been able to restore (almost) all of my css changes, but now I can't remove the footer text! Now how do I remove the footer credit text?
When I try to activate the child theme, the site cannot be viewed because it displays a blank page in the browser. So I'm using the parent Carmag theme and can't use the child right now.

I need help!
Sorry to keep you waiting so long to answer your message. Since we don't solve activation problems via forum, we have replied you via email.

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