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I've installed ArtDevil on Wordpress 3.7.1. Apparently the featured image can't be displayed. But when I select 'edit image' I am able to view the image.

Please help.
Does the name of your image is written in Latin letters? The name of file you you're uploading to the website must be written in Latin letters.
Yes, it's all in Latin letters.

Coold you give us the URL of your website?
Sure. Here's the url.

Currently all the new image I uploaded to media library can't be displayed.
At first you have to check whether there is the image wpid-sE-Electronics-Reflexion-Filter-Pro.jpg in the folder wp-content/uploads/2013/12/wpid-sE-Electronics-Reflexion-Filter-Pro.jpg on your server. As I can see the file doesn't exist. So it can't be displayed on your website.
I have checked. The files are in the content folder.

Here's another incident.
I think I got it figured out. It's the permission in the host folder. I'm not sure why it was set to 0600. I have changed to 0777. It's working fine now.

Thank you.

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