Cant add text widgets

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-04-20 04:23:49

I can't add any text widgets they say they are their in the widgets page do not show up
Could you give us the URL of your website, please.
My website is

(I was having trouble logging in so I made another account)
Can you make a screenshot of the page Appearance --> Widgets from the dashboard of your website? You could also reset your password to log into your account.

Well this is weird! Now I can't even change the existing sidebar! I have not updated anything like a version of WP.
Probably, all your problems are caused by enabled accessibility mode that turns off the drag and drop feature. Here is an intelligible instruction on how this feature works -
ok, first of all I can't see any of this post anymore :( So I am still in accessibility mode because I can't find a way out of it. I don't have the option of a text widget any more, nothing. Please help!
You would better reinstall WordPress if you have so much problems with it. I don't think that our theme could cause these problems.

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