Cant add social media calender etc to posts

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-12-17 03:05:04

At a website I'm working on adding social media buttons to this theme.

Whatever plugin I try, it doesn't show. Not above posts, not below I also tried a calender plugin, also that doesn't show in posts. (or anywhere, although as a widget it works)

The template I'm using is called ForChildren (paid version) which comes with it's own social media settings. When you switch those on, it comes up with an ugly floating box on the left of your screen with text links.

I'm getting the feeling certain code has been removed from posts.php or so, that prevents plugins to work properly.

Is there an easy way to get this fixed?

Thank you!
Well, I got both calender and social media to work now...I think I noticed it had something to do that social media with buttons (graphics) would not display properly, if you take a plugin that does text or text buttons that are flat, they display just fine.

The only annoying issue that remains is that these social media buttons won't show up in the post until you hit the Read More button. I wish there was a way to show them even when a post is cut off.
You can specify the end of excerpt using the "readmore" tag in the text editor. Besides, you can customize the excerpt by following this instruction:
Hi Alice,

Either I don;t understand or I wasn't clear... By default I would like the full posts on the front page, not excerpts. Unless the writer explicitly adds one while writing in the editor.

By doing this, I hoped the Share-buttons would also appear below the articles on the front page, below every article, and not only on the full-page article after hitting Read more.
You have to turn off "Cut Content in feed" on page Theme Settings --> Layout to show the entire posts in feed.
Hi Dave, Yes I had. However, that doesn't show the buttons still, until you hit Read More.

Also...for some reason I'm not getting mail some replied on this forum :(


For a quick fix I can suggest you to open the theloop.php file, find the code:
		//Post content
if (!is_single()&&!is_page()) {
?><a href='<?php the_permalink(); ?>' class='readmore'><?php echo $SMTheme->_( 'readmore' ); ?></a><?php
} else {

and remove the following:
	//Post content

This should help you to display the full posts in feed.

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