Cannot activate Clothingstore Theme

Latest Reply from Tom at 2012-07-27 09:57:40

I have uploaded the file to my wordpress folder.

Then, when I go to my Wp-admin, the theme shows up alright, alongside the other themes.

But when I press "activate", I get a blank screen.
In the addressbar it says:

But page remains blank.

What can I do?

ps. Furthermore, when I try to login again to enable one of my other themes, I can't do it.
remains blank. Can't login.

as does

So now I'm having to reinstall wordpress totally from my server.

I was testing this template on a site that's still empty, so I'm ok. But I hope people will not be installing this theme, and then get blocked & lose their information.

For more clarification; I had it installed on a subdomain:

I don't know if that could be the problem?

First of all if you have white page because of the theme you need remove only the theme and wardpress will suggest you to choise another one.

Most often reason of blank page after activation is uncompartible versions of php or wordpress with minimum requirments of the theme. Our theme works with WordPress Version 3.3.1 or higher and PHP version 5.3 or higher.

Thank you for your reply.

My wordpress version is 3.4, so that should be ok.

Why do you think it's not working?

Thank you,

ps. There's not really any way to remove the theme, because I cannot login anymore! everything's blocked.

What about your PHP version?

That's it. My version is 5.2
Thanks for pointing this out.
Any way around this?

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