Can I change the Background Image

Latest Reply from Catrina at 2013-07-21 21:32:44 Solution
Hi, Id like to change the background image but im not sure how. Is it possible?

Same problem here :(
I think the theme is very nice but i cannot change the background picture
Me too :(
Normally you can change that picture in style.css.

Click on Design > Editor > code of style.css is shown or you have to choose that file in the list on the right side.

There you'll find something like that:

body {
background:url(images/body.jpg) no-repeat top center;

Try to change the path of the url.
I have done this in FilmStar and if i change it to my personal picture (saved in the same folder as the original image of course) the background disappears. If i update the original image (i changed the color from yellow to red) it will only show the original image.

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