Can not activate free links

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Entered activation key (2 different keys) It just spins and nothing happens.

It's might be because of connection error, just try again later.

I do not even get any spinning
I paid, got confirmation that payment went through
got a key made for
and just
when I click on activate I get nothing

still having connection issues? I know I am not :)

I also cannot click any options from off to on or save settings, this is really odd

Tcglv, First of all you have CookingBook theme installed but not BonAppetit. You paid for BonAppetit and your activation key might be used only with it. Also all these problems are related to JavaScripts and AJAX, what is the version of WordPress installed on your site? Did you modify any .js files of the theme?

I have the demo of cookingbook setup for now to see if that one worked...and it does
I have not modified anything as far as any JS files.
I am presenting this theme to my client today and really did like the BonAppetit theme but could not get it working. I did send an email to you as well with all this info.
I can change to BonAppetit right away so you may see.

Hi! We find the problem with BonAppetit theme. Now you can reupload theme and replace your theme files with new.

Sorry for inconvenience.

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