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Latest Reply from m3 at 2013-02-07 17:39:00
Hi Guys,

I'm using your Business 2.0 Theme. Firstly, I'm loving it. Thanks very much.

However, I really need drop down menus. I can't seem to get it working, does this theme support drop down menus or do I have an issue ?

The site I am using it at is

I don't have any other issues, and everything worked out the box. Just one note that you might want to check. Under the "Slider" setting it says "Recommended thumbnail size is 990x409px" which is obviously not a thumbnail but for the main picture. Also, pictures in that size get all squished. The actual resolution that works is 1000x369.

Please help with the drop down ! If it works, I'll buy the theme.

Kind regards,
Drop Down menu at the top of your slider, works fine.
please give more information about your monitor's resolutions.
my monitor's resolutions is 1024x768, the drop down menu works fine.

if your resolution is lower than this, try this:

Zoom out with your browser, refresh the page, now test the Drop Down menu.

if Drop Down menu gone ok, you should change your JS.
it's so easy, just comment about what i said.

Have Fun

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