Bug? Thumbnails of the slider in the administration section disappear (give empty image).

Latest Reply from e-dots at 2012-09-06 11:50:16

When you upload a photo for the slider, the thumbnail of the picture is visible.
Afterwards when you return to the slider-module, the thumbnails are like "broken-link-images".

Is there any way to change/fix this?

Could you write here an URL of the image source or all code of the image? You can find it by searching in source code of the page with slides something like this

<dl class='custom_slides'>
<dt class='slide_ttl' id="slide_dt_1"><img src="***URL HERE***" width="56" height="56" alt="Slide # 1" title="Slide # 1" /></dt>

One example url =
-> this results in a 404 page. Though these pictures are uploaded with the CMS

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