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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-08-17 13:03:49
we are - as your customer - using BigStart Theme with WPML on our multilingual website and would like to have the slider pictures switched to each corresponding language. The translation of the content works fine. But we could not find a possibility to have the sliders switched. Neither in the the themes administration panel nor in the WPML administration.
How can we solve this problem?
Do you see a way to find a solution in cooperation with the developers of WPML?
We kindly ask for assistance.
Best regards
Unfortunately, we don't support this plugin yet. But we are working on this.
Thank you!

there is another problem on using the BigStart Theme with
On smartphones and tablets we miss the sidebar. For we show quite important information for our customers on the sidebar, it is necessary to have access to it on mobile devices, too.
So, our question is:
How can we manage it to have the sidebar shown on mobile devices?

Best regards
You may disable the responsive design to keep sidebars on tablets and mobiles. The instruction is here:

thank you. But we had in mind to show the sidebars in responsive mode on mobile devices beneath the main content. Is this generally possible?

You may adjust theme according to your prefferences if you wish.However, all changes such as change background, change font, or add new elements, etc you can do by yourself editing css and html at your own risk.
We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.

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