A widget does not appear in mobile and tablet view

Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-03-09 08:00:46

My site is http://xlomo.gr/wordpress/ and i have the followin issues:

1. In tablet view the main content between the two sidebars is too narrow.
2. In mobile view, the sidebars disappear.

Can you please provide a solution?

Thank you
Chris Kotos

By default, the tablet version of the theme has sidebars and the mobile version does not.
They are supposed to be hidden, otherwise the content part of your website will be completely unreadable.
Sidebars have the fixed width 272px, so the content part with 2 sidebars is probably rather narrow.

We may recommend you to enable the mobile mode (hide the sidebars) on tablets as well or disable the responsive web design. Here is the most helpful instructions on how to do this:

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